Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Grimoire Boy in colour

Here is the completed image in colour. It is sort of a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft with a steampunk twist.

I plan to make copies and sell them as a limited numbered edition

Here is a closeup of the boy just so you can see how much work went into the illustration. It is my most complicated yet. I am learning lots of shortcuts, but it still takes some time to complete.

Steampunk Surfer

Another coffee shop brainchild from my Lady, on the Hawaii theme still. My steampunk surfer. When finished it will be captioned " I say, Kowabunga dude." A British gentleman on a steam powered surfboard. Britannia rules the sea.

Steampowered Flyer

Here's another sketch from my sketchbook. A small flying steampowered balloon.
A small fighter-craft with a female pilot. Dedicated to my Lady, this is the Sparkie Flyer.