Friday, February 01, 2013

New Stuff/ Happy New Year

Man, I have been busy.  Putting together a new line of pins, doing a lot of primary sketches, and generally running around. I have been getting a lot of new pieces together for upcoming shows but none of that shows up on the web.  I have also been BRAINSTORMING for new ideas.   Inspiration is everywhere!  Stay tuned I will be posting new things soon;  Pins and things, but new paintings first.
Stay tuned my friends, and thanks for checking.

Gentleman Snail

Here is just a cute little idea.  Hope to do a series of snails with different Victorian hats on. Watercolour and mixed media.  Basically a pencil drawing that has been painted. The paper didn't behave the way I hoped. But still turned out OK. Gave it an aged look. Hope you like it.

Mr. and Mrs. Gear. Painted with Colour

A larger version of the pins.  These pair are 8.5 by 11 inches.   They will be hand painted in various colours. I will have a limited series that  will be available.  This is the first set, they will be framed together not individually. Please meet:  Sir Reginald and Lady Penelope Gear.