Sunday, August 10, 2014

Coldwater Steampunk Festival.

Wonderful weather for a Steampunk Festival.  Luckily there was shade, since we forgot the sunscreen. Since we could only make it for one of the days, we decided to go on Saturday from 9:00 to 5:00.  Traffic there was good, we seemed to have missed the cottager exodus. Friday night they had a wonderful schedule from 5:00 to 9:00 and on Sunday they arranged to visit the SS Keewatin  (I shall find the proper spelling later) for the day.

I made up some new items for the festival.  One is a work in progress, the Mad Scientist Starter Kit (potions not included) filled with corked bottles, suitable for larger and small potions, tweezers of assorted sizes and other interesting items to be added. Stay tuned for the commercial.

We also had some vintage glass and brass cases and wooden boxes for storage of your valuables.
I brought so much that my 8 foot table runneth over,  and not all my items could be displayed.  So if you see something you want on my blog, you can contact me, though I do not mail items, I will meet for coffee with  you, if you are in the Hamilton area and drop of anything I have in stock.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

July Art Crawl

For the July Art Crawl, I will have a display up at THE THOU ART PARTY

July 11, 2014

located on the Second Floor of the historical "Vasco da Gama club" at 175 1/2 James Street North in Hamilton.
thou ART pARTy takes place the second Friday of every month 7pm-midnight.
thou ART pARTy showcases local artists and local musicians all evening.
thou ART pARTy is open to all. There is never cover charge.

Con Bravo and New Ships.

The Clockwork Hammer will be having a table at Con Bravo.  I will be having a few select pieces at the table to help raise funds for the Clockwork Hammer. I will also have a new piece that I will be introducing at the event, an air battleship that is named THE HAMMER, in honour of the group.  I used an earlier illustration to build THE HAMMER and while working on it, found it in need of a refit. So those of you who bought the earliest version you will be only 1 of 10 in the world with that copy.  I will only be producing the second version from now on. Here are the new ships.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hat Medallions

I have a new set of Hat Medallions specifically for the ladies of steampunk culture. Based on the original series, these have the feminine touch of flowers and feathers.  Why wear boring old goggles that everyone else has, when you can make a personal statement.  These are made in a limited number, hand assembled and painted by the artist. They are art pieces, so they will be damaged with rough treatment.  They are protected with clear coat to give them water resistance, should the rain hit while you are unprotected, but they are not totally waterproof. They will debut at Coldwater Steampunk Festival in August.

The dragon pin will also be available at Coldwater. Again I make everything by hand from lightweight materials. I only have a few of the dragon pins in this series. I will be making more but as everything is hand cut and crafted, often each pin will have subtle differences. Come and see the real thing at my booth in Coldwater.


Recently I was part of an group art show in Toronto, the theme was Candyland,  so all the artworks had to be based on that theme.

These are original acrylic on canvas paintings. As always my sense of humor has reared its head and made a statement.  :)  I hope you have as much fun with these images as I had making them.
Sweet Abduction

Peppermint Treat

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hat Medallions and Collar Medallions

I am producing a number of Steampunk Hat Medallions to decorate your hats, turning just a regular chapeau into a Steampunk work.  The gear themed medallions are lightweight as to not damage your head wear.  Each piece is hand cut and assembled, hand painted as a work of art and sealed with with a water resistant coating. As art pieces they are not indestructible but I have taken care to make them as hardy as possible. So don't fold bend or mutilate and you should be fine.

 The Collar Medallions are to be used in place of a regular tie, to add just a splash more steampunk to your outfit. The elastic band slips on over your head and rests under your collar worn much like a tie but just making more of a statement. They should be short enough to stay out of your tea cup but long enough to meet the top of your vest.

Hello People.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Due to some health issues I have been unable to do much work until lately.  If you are one of my facebook friends then you will know all the pertinent details. For others, let's just say I am much better and looking forward to a great summer.  Now that I am on the mend, I plan to do a few events this summer.  The one that I am really looking forward to is the Coldwater Steampunk Festival.  It is the first year that I will be there.  I am busily working away at a number of new projects and as always my steampunk art prints will be available that I have displayed on this site.  I will be posting some of my new projects but some might be a surprise. I hope everyone is having a good year so far and keep checking back to see what new goodies I have posted.