Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hat Medallions and Collar Medallions

I am producing a number of Steampunk Hat Medallions to decorate your hats, turning just a regular chapeau into a Steampunk work.  The gear themed medallions are lightweight as to not damage your head wear.  Each piece is hand cut and assembled, hand painted as a work of art and sealed with with a water resistant coating. As art pieces they are not indestructible but I have taken care to make them as hardy as possible. So don't fold bend or mutilate and you should be fine.

 The Collar Medallions are to be used in place of a regular tie, to add just a splash more steampunk to your outfit. The elastic band slips on over your head and rests under your collar worn much like a tie but just making more of a statement. They should be short enough to stay out of your tea cup but long enough to meet the top of your vest.

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