Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Updated Poster, still in progress

Here is the next stage of the souvenir poster for Coldwater.  It has the cleaned up octopus and the background is done, only thing left is to pick the colours for the octopus.  I will post it when it is finished.  Decided against a green octopus because that would be too much like someone else's project so I think I will go with reddish tones.  Let the organizers at Coldwater know if you like it. 

Souvenir pins for the Coldwater Steampunk Festival

I thought I would use my humour to describe the Steampunk festival in Coldwater.  I designed something that could be used for every year, and this year is the fifth year of the festival therefore the big 5.  I felt they needed their own logo to be made into buttons for fundraising purposes.

The second pin is with western lettering to fit with the theme they have for this year. I carefully spaced the type, moving letters individually into the best position.

So if you are heading to Coldwater, or just want to support the festival, purchase a button wherever you can. I will try to post when they are available.